2021 Williamsburg Trip

The infamous Williamsburg trip for 5th and 6th grade students is happening this year! WAHOO!

June 4th-8th

Revolutionary Band

Chaperones for the trip currently include:

Mr. Monroe
Mrs. Yoder
Miss Choun
Mr. Lieg 
Mrs. Land
Mrs. Neptune 

Please contact Mr. Monroe for details or questions about the upcoming Williamsburg Trip via e-mail at: vaughn.monroe@jeffco.k12.co.us

Saturday, June 1st

Day 2
As we sat at breakfast nice and early,
A storm came in with quite some fury.
But do not fret,
Those droplets did not get
In the way of our first visit to Jamestown!

While at Jamestown we got to see,
what life was like in Virginia before you and me.
From aboard the ship,
We heard about quite a trip,
Of what it took to get here in 1607.
Many of students were thanking heaven,
That none of them had to make that voyage,
Or learn how to farm, eat, or use the foliage. 
From the creation of the Virginia Company,
To seeing how the Powhatan Indians lived in harmony,
Jamestown was full of many sights to see,
Before we left to see a part of the original Jamestown Colony.

At the Jamestown archeological site, the students loved to see
All the families of turtles living in the green algae.
We saw some statues of prominent people,
And even a beautiful church with a steeple.
 About this time the students began to get hangry,
Thank goodness we headed back to fill their tummies.

After lunch, we headed down the street
To the town of Williamsburg. Wow what a treat!
The various trades shops were just the start,
Many students said this was their favorite part.
We are headed back to Williamsburg on day 3, 
Be excited for all that we will continue to see!

After eating a delicious Italian dinner,
It was time for the evening program, which was the winner
For the most memorable event so far.
During the program  we were able to sing and dance,
And learning the importance of the work day stance. 
The slaves had to work and strive,
To create a solid work day pace and not risk their own lives. 

Overall, I bet you can gather, that Day 2 was a blast,
however, most were just ready to finally get in the pool at last. 

-Written By: Miss Choun-

Williamsburg-Day 2 Video
Williamsburg-Day 3 Video

Williamsburg-Day 4 Video 

Williamsburg-Day 5 Video

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