Classroom & Curriculum Information

1st Grade Schedule

7:45-7:55: Soft Start

8:00-8:30: Intervention and Getting Ready Time

8:30-8:40: Calendar/Opening

8:40-9:30: Math

9:30-9:45: Recess, Snack

9:50-11:20: Literacy
11:45: Lunch

11:45-12:05: Recess

12:10-12:55: Specials/Planning

12:55-1:25: Finish Literacy/RRR Time

1:25-1:40: Storytime

1:40-2:30: Science/ Social Studies

2:30-2:50: Mystery Bag, Pack Up, Chapter Book

2:50: Dismissal

Second Step Lessons: Every Other Week from 1:40-2:15

Monday: Seely

Tuesday: Gershon

Wednesday: Neptune

Thursday: Kollar

General Homework Expectations
The purpose of homework is to review concepts, skills and vocabulary taught in class.  Homework is assigned to develop good study habits and responsibility.                                                                  -Students are expected to read 10 minutes per night.                                                                       -Decodable books are to be read all week and returned on Friday.

Weekly Homework Schedule

Monday: Read Vocabulary Words, return blue sign slip. New Decodable Books come home, read through the week and return Friday.

Tuesday:   Math Worksheet/Math Facts (return worksheet or pink sign slip on Wednesday).

Wednesday: Spelling Practice Test (return yellow sign slip Thursday)

Thursday: Read Decodable Books, Review Thursday Folder, Pick a Favorite Paper. Return decodable books, favorite paper, Thursday folder, signed green reading slip.

Friday: No formal homework. 


Spelling is an important piece to overall literacy skills.  It increases familiarity with phonics rules as they apply to reading and writing.  Having a strong spelling base also influences the speed and fluency of writing, allowing for more creativity in overall word choice. 

While students are provided classroom practice in a variety of ways, it is recommended that they practice at home for 5-10 minutes per night.  It is often helpful to study half of the words at a time for 5-10 minutes. Wednesday night homework is for the students to take a pre-test at home.

Spelling Letter.pdf
Master List 1 - 9.pdf
10-15 Spelling.pdf


Math Facts

Memorizing math facts is an important mathematical skill.  In first grade, students are expected to master addition facts of sums up to 10.

Students should practice using flashcards or worksheets each Tuesday night for homework. 

Click below for some fun websites that may help provide additional practice.

Addition Math Game
Rounding Seashells


Practice is an essential piece to literacy development at all stages. First graders are expected to read out loud to an adult for 10 to 15 minutes 5 times per week. After your child has read the weekly decodables fluently two times, he/she should go on to read other books at their independent reading level. Here is the link for our online ebooks.
  • is a useful tool to review concepts learned in class. We encourage parents to use as a reward after your child completes their sustained reading time. 

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