Staff List

* notes that staff member prefers voice mail as method of communication.

Last Name First Name Grade Voicemail Email
Abrams Alison 5th Grade 303-982-4804 email
Adducci Joe Art *303-982-6369 email
Berndt Susan 1st Grade *303-982-6352 email
Carpenter Erika 2nd Grade 303-982-1457 email
Casarez Beverly District Area Nurse 720-237-6727 email
Choun Megan 6th Grade 303-982-3688 email
Petrie Nichole 4th Grade 303-982-6214 email
Doerksen Kelli Clinic Aide 303-982-6346 email
Elliott Sandy ESL 303-982-6357 email
Fenton Julie School Secretary 303-982-6379 email
Franklin Steve Instrumental Teacher 303-982-1863 email
Fuller Pam 3rd Grade 303-982-8276 email
Gallegos-Jung Angel Digital Teacher Librarian 303-982-2817 email
Gershon Kris 1st Grade 303-982-7881 email
Graham Lesli 5th Grade 303-982-6366 email
Grims Laura 4th Grade 303-982-6437 email
Hampson Abigail 5th Grade 303-982-6329 email
Hancock Ashley 3rd Grade 303-982-6412 email
Hancock Michelle 4th Grade 303-982-6387 email
Hoffmeister Mike 4th Grade 303-982-6391 email
Lieg Mike 5th Grade 303-982-6499 email
Krueger Cynthia 2nd Grade *303-982-0592 email
Land Lisa Physical Education 303-982-6371 email
Latham Sue Intervention 303-982-6390 email
Lavelle Ted 3rd Grade 303-982-6363 email
Lorenzen Bonnie 2nd Grade 303-982-6353 email
Lovell Marijo 1st Grade 303-982-6355 email
Lowry Jamie Kindergarten 303-982-6344 email
Ritchey Lisa Assistant Principal 303-982-5852 email
Madrid Penny Kitchen Manager 303-982-6378 email
McCormick Lori 2nd Grade 303-982-5755 email
Monroe Vaughn 6th Grade 303-982-6360 email
Neptune Gina 1st Grade 303-982-6373 email
Parra Dorian Kindergarten 303-982-6392 email
Puga Eduardo Facilities Manager *303-982-6376 email
Ferguson Dorann 3rd Grade 303-982-6204 email
Seely Bekah Kindergarten 303-982-6301 email
Skaja Amanda General Music 303-982-0584 email
Strietelmeier Heather Principal Secretary 303-982-6377 email
Thomsen Susan School Psychologist 3039826294 email
Wheatley Robin Instructional Coach 303-982-6351 email
Yoder Pamela Principal 303-982-4775 email
Zgabay Melanie 6th Grade 303-982-6418 email
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